We will all soon be amoeba once more…

Photo on 2012-03-26 at 19.12

The truth is these days we are all the media and now the traditional media predate upon us like cloaked predators, using our own posted information like blood stains to hunt us down and ram their knife-like fists of public enquiry into us, hacking away our credibility in a search for the ultimate and grandest public exposure. How do we stop the bloodshed, tears, and horror of this mildly anxiety inducing metaphor?

We learn grammar. We learn it really well.


With the advent of Social media we all contribute to “media” so it’s timely that we look at how we write, what content we display and understand what people will think of us when we do so. Fortunately that means Grammar plays a large part in achieving the completed end product, the one which stands for eternity…that’s a really long time. Not only will it stand for all time, but if the grammar conveys the meaning correctly it cannot be misinterpreted.


Personally I believe that during my lifetime media coverage has devolved. I believe people used to trust that when they read the news, watched the TV they had a reasonable level of trust in the quality of information that they were receiving. I believe strongly that the current digital media technologies are dulling us and if left unchallenged, will leave us as intelligent as amoeba or perhaps even worse Americans.


Here is my case for the American / Amoeba crisis we face. We are at an all time low of intelligent, factual, researched media gathering and coverage.


Firstly we are saturated by 100 channels of media so any conflictual information is immediate, bewildering and leaves me questioning what I can actually believe? It gets worse if you look at global media rather than locally. Secondly anyone can contribute online, this is just dangerous to our intelligence as it lowers any standards the media once had. I submit the current MH370 news coverage in all forms as examples of how bad the media can be, how little intelligence is displayed and that it is only outdone by the lack of Public relations management by Malaysian Airlines. I digress as anymore about PR would become a rant.


Sure it’s great to have Journalists in every part of the world contributing articles every second of the day, but how many are just writing them for the purpose of getting something out there quickly? In that quick rush to get the article out how much focus is on research, fact checking and credibility. How many would stand the eternity test?


Looking back 3 weeks ago to now (and that’s a long way off eternity) the media didn’t have a clue. “If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.” Thomas Sowell



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