Social Media it’s mostly crap.

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This week we are asked about the revolution in communication which is Social media. My outlook is that I believe it’s mostly crap. Revolution, no it’s more in a long evolution but I’ll come back to that.

Firstly, let’s make one thing clearly established here. I am not a hater, I love the internet. I grew it in my 8086 computer at home through my bulletin board while playing space invaders and drinking Jolt Cola. I am one of the people who made it into the joy we have today. I am the end user who bought every computer, I created the demand. I bought every gaming console plus all the software to support them. I nurtured them and grew these systems. One day in the 1990‘s I was in high school and I decided my computer should go out and play with the others. It was old enough and pretty aware so when the time was right, I connected it to the internet and set it free. Some time in the late 1997 it came back inside with viruses, it’s OS buggy dazed and confused, I changed it’s OS, gave it a condom, some more ram, a new screen and sent it back out to play. It’s been happy ever since.

Feeling attached to my internet and lengthy metaphors as I do, I dislike some of the things which have attached themselves to it. They are the weeds that have grown up with the electronic roses: Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Wikipedia, these are just a few of the seemingly countless platforms which wrestle for domination of the electronic garden. Opinion will dictate whether some should get the weed sprayer and some rooted out. Other developments like Ginger and the Oculus Rift Project, which add in quality to what we do and where we may like to go in the future should get electronically fertilized.

Coming back to my original statement, I said evolution because I’ve watched it happen. It wasn’t amazing it just was the next idea on a very logical path of evolution to instant networking. Social media is just a more complicated version and interconnected version of instant messaging. Twitter is the least evolved current form of this, it’s barely more than basic instant messaging. Revolution would imply something was overthrown, a rebellion, a seizure of power or a change. Twaddle the Revolution hasn’t happened yet. Rest assured it will take place when we are sick of these platforms spamming us relentlessly.

Why do I see Social media as kind of problem?

Well, When everyone that has a voice is broadcast, who should we listen to?

First example, just look at what has happened to You Tube, we need TV shows run by Mr T, Shaquile O’Neal, or that guy from =3, to weed through the mountains of surplus media uploaded every second to find amusement and any real joy.

How many of these Social media systems should we trust? None.

Do they own the validity of whatever is on their platform, or do they even review or care when something does happen?  No they don’t and have been shown to be negligent in the way they run these systems. Some examples… Hate groups on Social Media go unchallenged due to the freedoms of speech. Owners of the sites taking little or no action, even when people have threatened violence or worse. Communist countries like China can control Social media therefore limiting it’s real reach.


Good examples: Interpol catches many pedophiles through organized online networks. Movement’s like Gay Marriage equality can gain world-wide strength and political pressure. Advertisers can drastically reduce their budgets and send you each messages individually. Pub’s can interlink and you can have a alco-pop at a video wall with someone else on the other side of the world you don’t know.

We really shouldn’t listen to people online. We live in a world where likes can be bought, popularity channeled, articles can be written and advertising micro targeted to push, promote and make the sale of crap happen instantly. Social Media it’s absolutely #Craptastic and that Crap can be auctioned, purchased now or plugged by a brand ambassador without you even knowing you’ve been advertised to. These are the real 1st world problems and this is why I dislike it, it’s just complete crap.



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