Advertising it’s the rock and roll of the business world

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Finally, I get to talk about Advertising. Quite simply Advertising… It’s the rock and roll of the business world. Going out a limb… it’s the business  that affects every man, woman and child on this planet. Its job is to make impressions, achieve reach and get you to please consider what is being shown to you.

Advertising is all about persuasion, there’s a lot to it, but it can be boiled down to getting consumers to be persuaded to purchase one product or brand over another. What makes great advertising?

Firstly, you need an idea.k0292825

These days your idea has to cut through the clutter of other Advertising out there so it has to be a good one. Good ideas are clever, funny, timely, and relevant. Secondly, you need great copy and imagery. This covers things like font and legibility. What good is an Ad if you can’t read it. It also needs to stick in people’s memory.

The copy needs to descriptive, convey the message and be simple enough for anyone to read and get the intended message.  The copy also needs to be written in a style which reflects the visual so it ties together.

The copywriter a special breed of person, they need to have a cultural literacy of the culture within which he or she is writing. They must have an ongoing knowledge of their environment so they comprehend the social foxpaus, and pitfalls that may potentially befall them.

Advertising is more than simply stringing together ideas and images. A good analogy is it works together like a rock and roll band.


My opinion is that these parts of the Advertising work together in this way. The idea is the drumbeat it sets the shape of what the bigger finished product can become.  The copy is like the rock guitar it sets the mood and conveys the feeling. The visuals are like the theatrics, lighting and pyrotechnics which combine to dazzle astound and amaze.


Combined, these elements create a new life of their own and if they do this well we reward it generally by saying it went viral or the old school say it went gangbusters. I love Advertising, it’s a challenging and creative field in which ideas, culture and art collide. The very best Advertising is an art form of its own.


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