Journal entry SUPERDAD

Ok Journal it’s just you and me, time to hang and convey what’s been happening in my world. I hope you’re ready?….of course you are.

After work Friday night I raced home, frantically undressing and redressing out of my uniform into normal clothes.

I dashed out the house, jumped in the car, raced down to grab some dinner, got to the park where my wife and child were waiting to watch an outdoor cinema. It occurs to me if I get this right I could be elevated to a status above mortal parents and become SUPERDAD.

The movie was RIO 2, previous to me getting there, women in scantily clad brazilian dress had been samba-ing up a storm and my wife took great pleasure in telling me that I missed the nudie show.

My wife and child had a ball while waiting for me, there was a lot of singing and dancing.

The movie was just about to start, they were happy to see me, everyone had smiles, I had arrived only moments before the opening credits with a bag full of hot food and drinks, I was SUPERDAD. YES! Check it out people, I am SUPERDAD!

For me this was all after a long work week and an exciting first week of Uni so If I am being honest I was pretty tired. But that’s nothing for SUPERDAD.

I am tall, so when I sat down with my family, the child on the next tier above me said “I can’t see.”

I quickly lay down, making myself comfortable not wishing to obstruct a child’s view of the movie, it’s not about me…. See SUPERDAD contort and lay flat.

We all open the still hot bag of dinner, distributing the fast food salty goodness between us…….. See SUPERDAD provide a bagfull of food.

The burger, still being hot and the ability to sit with my family for some much needed relaxation time, was truely wonderful. See SUPERDAD……. relax, AH!

The movie starts before my wife and I get to ask each other about our day. I’m not sure if I got to mention that I had a headache pretty much all day? It was a minor detail for a superdad.

About ten minutes into the movie my child stands up and in front of a packed amphitheatre, where everyone has a great view, she projectile vomits almost everywhere….. then starts to scream.  I am no longer superdad. I was shocked, it was my evil nemisis VOMITO.

As projectile vomits go I would rate this projectile vomit as better than the exorcist, and given this was in a tiered public setting of an outdoor cinema it attracted many “ooohs” and “eer’s.”

Well that was the movie night, it lasted around 12 minutes. I was superdad for 6 minutes.

Ordinary dad wrapped up the many rugs and jumpers and vomit covered necessaries into a collapsible box and trudged to my car along with my child and wife then drove home.

I felt defeated, but there will be another day VOMITO!

It was a long night of more sickness and vomito made many reprisal appearances.

Damn you vomito, you always strike when I least expect you.

It’s always nice you’re here to share with journal.


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