Deadpool, a Marvel-ous film

Today I saw the movie Deadpool and I absolutely loved it. Give me anything from Marvel and I’ll watch it having had an affinity for The Hulk from a very young age. Deadpool has a very tight script and amazing CGI effects. From the opening credits you could tell this was going to be a dark but fun ride thanks to the people at Marvel and 20th Century Fox studios. Deadpool features Ryan Reynolds who is perfectly practiced in his delivery of often disturbing and memorable one line gags.

deadpool_2016-wallpaper-640x960In comparison to the straight laced Captain America, Deadpool aka Wade Wilson is a short time military reject and instantly loveable renegade. He is as different a character as can be from your usual Xmen or Avenger stable. Deadpool is an anti-hero although given his back story and wicked sense of humour it’s easy to be won over to his loose moral outlook and narciisstic side.

Currently Deadpool in Australia has taken over $27 Million Aussie dollars at the Box Office, $8 million of that in the last week. The Revenant in comparison has taken over $18 million in total at the Box Office. In the US Deadpool has amassed a staggering $236 million in US Box Office takings which is not bad for a film with an estimated $58 million dollar budget. In comparison to the latest Star Wars behemoth The Force Awakens, it is in it’s 10th week and has taken in $920 Million US Dollars. $240 million of this was in a single weekend, however it cost $200 Million to make. If you look at these from a cost to produce and return ratio Star Wars is slightly ahead.

Deadpool had a really effective online viral campaign which no doubt boosted it’s takings. Worldwide Deadpool used a combination of holiday marketing, social media and regional marketing which was extremely effective here in down under.


If you can’t drag yourself off the couch to see this movie at the Cinema, it schedules to be released on the 6th of July this year. JBHI-FI are already taking Pre-Orders…here

The Deadpool soundtrack is available on iTunes for $16.99 and features tracks like DMX X Gon Give It to Ya and Careless Whisper from George Michael.

One last thing, Deadpool is not for kids, it’s strictly an Adults only movie which is out of the ordinary from the Marvel stable. It’s a fun ride of love, sweet but violent revenge and certainly not a movie to be taken too seriously.

If your as big a Marvel fan as me, you’ll love it.

The stats I’ve used have been taken from & Val Morgan Australia

Neill Barry is a Communications Graduate from Western Australia who loves Advertising, statistics, media and lives almost entirely off coffee. 



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