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Molly ranks as most watched…

I feel I should thank the people at Channel 7 who produced Molly, documenting Molly Meldrums life. It inspired me after watching it to write about it and the media I watch generally.  I had at the time just Graduated and didn’t really know what to do next.

This is what I said on my social media…

“I just watched the Molly series on Ch 7 and loved it. What a great cast and wonderful way to portray Molly’s life. It reminds me exactly how blessed we were in Australia to have had such a show like Countdown growing up on Free to Air TV.”

images.jpegI guess I wasn’t the only one who felt this way as the viewer ratings were pretty impressive as well. Part 1 saw 1.79 million viewers tune in and Part two dipped a bit to 1.52 million. MKR lost out to Molly last week but with 1.67 million viewers narrowly pegged the Channel 7 mini-series this week.

There is some controversy about the claimed figures as Channel 7 last week used a combined regular viewer and “catchup viewer” statistic to announce it’s end figures.

Mumbrella said “Today is also the first time that Oztam has published its new digital ratings in the form of the Oztam VPM Report which, after multiple delays, is giving the industry the first audited numbers on the size of the network’s online catch up services.”

Samuel Johnson who plays Molly Meldrum, Australian music Producer and TV Personality has an uncanny resemblance. He absolutely nails Molly’s mannerisms and styles of speech.

I enjoyed the Mini-series so much that I purchased the Molly Album on iTunes. It has 60 great songs for $22 which is amazing value. These are cherry picked from some of the best 70’s and 80’s albums…

Do yourself a favour!  This is one Album to own.12733399_10153497377134007_6017242370625877169_n

The mini-series is currently available  at Target for $20. That’s amazing for an Australian mini-series of such high production value.

If you didn’t see it, it is still at the time of post available on catchup here or you can buy it online here.


Stats taken from Nielsen Australia.

Neill Barry is a Graduate in Communications, loves Advertising, statistics and lives almost entirely off caffeine related products.


Advertising it’s the rock and roll of the business world

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Finally, I get to talk about Advertising. Quite simply Advertising… It’s the rock and roll of the business world. Going out a limb… it’s the business  that affects every man, woman and child on this planet. Its job is to make impressions, achieve reach and get you to please consider what is being shown to you.

Advertising is all about persuasion, there’s a lot to it, but it can be boiled down to getting consumers to be persuaded to purchase one product or brand over another. What makes great advertising?

Firstly, you need an idea.k0292825

These days your idea has to cut through the clutter of other Advertising out there so it has to be a good one. Good ideas are clever, funny, timely, and relevant. Secondly, you need great copy and imagery. This covers things like font and legibility. What good is an Ad if you can’t read it. It also needs to stick in people’s memory.

The copy needs to descriptive, convey the message and be simple enough for anyone to read and get the intended message.  The copy also needs to be written in a style which reflects the visual so it ties together.

The copywriter a special breed of person, they need to have a cultural literacy of the culture within which he or she is writing. They must have an ongoing knowledge of their environment so they comprehend the social foxpaus, and pitfalls that may potentially befall them.

Advertising is more than simply stringing together ideas and images. A good analogy is it works together like a rock and roll band.


My opinion is that these parts of the Advertising work together in this way. The idea is the drumbeat it sets the shape of what the bigger finished product can become.  The copy is like the rock guitar it sets the mood and conveys the feeling. The visuals are like the theatrics, lighting and pyrotechnics which combine to dazzle astound and amaze.


Combined, these elements create a new life of their own and if they do this well we reward it generally by saying it went viral or the old school say it went gangbusters. I love Advertising, it’s a challenging and creative field in which ideas, culture and art collide. The very best Advertising is an art form of its own.

Power Shorts!

Activity 7.1 

Attach and scan an advertisement that deliberately targets consumers by age or gender role. Discuss the effectiveness of the ad. 

There is no doubt in my mind that this advertisement is directed at younger men.  The imagery, the text and brand name are all directed towards men. Is it effective? Well in no way does this make me interested in buying shorts. Maybe I am missing something here but the advertisement just doesn’t speak to me nor does it convey a clear offer or sales message, the brand isn’t one I am aware of so I am lost!


I think the purpose of this advertisement is to build or hype the brand however I’m not really sure it’s memorable, clever, and certainly isn’t funny so by the time I flick this page over I’ll probably have forgotten it.

I’ve just re-read my scathing account of this ad, I am having real issues with why I dislike this advertisement so much. I have to know where this comes from?  A web search which reveals that this was created by M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment it’s artwork is by a Marvell comics artist. (I have always loved Marvel comics?) If I love Marvel why do I hate this advertisement, I should love it?

Supposedly this “draws parallels between comic book and superhero’s”.  Maybe this is part of the reason I find so much annoyance in this advertisement. The guys in the Ad aren’t superhero’s and in my mind are out of context so this sets up a series of conflicting processes for me.  And then it hits me…..I thought this looked extremely familiar.. Fantastic-Four-marvel-comics-3979715-1024-768The scene has been directed to look like any number of the many hundreds of front covers of  The Fantastic Four. It’s a complete ripoff!  Maybe this ad is effective for younger men who don’t have the comic book hangups or draw a positive association from it, but for me it hits all of my wrong buttons as for me it sits right in there with plagerism.

In summary effective for some maybe but not for me.

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